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Internship @BrabantNEXT: the effect of our innovations approach

Bestuurlijk, Voorlichting/communicatie, Personeel/organisatie

WO, HBO   |   Stage   |   Tijdelijk   |   32 - 35 uur
Solliciteer (t/m 31-1-2023)

Internship assignment: two bachelor/master students that can research and measure the effect of our innovations approach on the provincial organization – BrabantNEXT ‘s-Hertogenbosch.  


In our changing world, the social challenges are piling up. As a provincial organisation, we need to be prepared to continuously innovate.  



Innovation Transformation of the provincial organisation of North Brabant. 

In 2021 the provincial organisation of North Brabant has set up an ‘acceleration program’ that helps to stimulate an innovative working climate and focusses on three main area’s:​ 


  • Helping its colleagues in the provincial organisation to come up with innovative solutions for their business (in cooperation of their partners) by providing handson innovation support.​ 


  • Setting up an 'experience education track' to make people understand the need for design and innovation management skills to use in the complex environment the public organisation is currently in.​ 


  • Working together on innovation projects with project teams existing out work students, external partners and representatives of other public organisations. Projects that take place in an inspiring physical environment to learn and experiment with innovation.


We do this under the title BrabantNEXT. At BrabantNEXT we work on social issues with the aim that the population of Brabant can enjoy living and working here. We research and we experiment. We develop diverse concepts and create impact.


We need you @BrabantNEXT.

Need for an evaluation tool to share the transformation impact of our program! 

This program has been set up over the last year and has a team of 8 people working hard on all tracks, to create an impact on the organisation. The first signs of success (other behaviour in the organisation) and new business solutions are shown on an individual level.

The first results in innovation projects have been delivered. However, there is no clear evaluation tool available showing the impact of all innovation transformation activities. Are we sure people are showing different behaviour? Or are we simply implying they are? What is the difference between the output we delivered and the outcomes we achieve?​ 


That’s why we are looking for support to help us co-create a methodology to show what the impact of our innovation program has. We would like to have two bachelor/master students to focus on this topic from a user, client and program perspective.  

In other words, what does our client (the board) want to know to see if the program is working? What do the users need to see to possibly join the movement? What does the program team need to know to see where they can adjust their efforts in making the innovation transformation as effective as possible.​ 


*Due to the importance that many stakeholders need to be interviewed in Dutch, we would like to have at least one Dutch student involved in this assignment.​ 


Are you creative, self-directed, and can you look at a complex question with an open mind? Do you enjoy working in a team on a single project and would you like to share your talent with others? Apply for the internship assignment above.

We would like to invite especially students Imagineering and Business Administration to apply!


Send your CV and personal motivation letter to

Contact: Anne Sophie Ramsteijn 


BrabantNEXT is part of the province of Noord-Brabant. 

Want to know more about BrabantNEXT? Then watch this film 

 Want to know more about BrabantNEXT's Workplace? Then watch this film



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